Media Releases

  • Senpaq’cin students striving to make a difference
    Several students at Senpaq’cin may not change the world, but they are striving to make a difference. The local International Baccalaureate school hosted a special exhibition last week featuring several “amazing” projects. These were fashioned after 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals created in 2015 to “achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”  […]
  • Grade 6 student prompts government to install feral horse signs in Oliver B.C.
    Grade 6 student Delia Graham has convinced the provincial government to help better protect feral horses in the town of Oliver. After months of research, interviews, and surveys conducted by Delia, the government agreed to install more feral horse crossing signs in town. “I chose this project because I value the life of everybody, and […]
  • Oliver school wins $20,000 grant for their library
    A literacy fund grant of $20,000 will help transform an Oliver school’s aging library. Teachers and students from Sen Pok Chin thought they were participating in a general information conference call with the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation to discuss the state and need within their library when it was revealed. “We’re honoured to be […]
  • Oliver school celebrates one year after winning $25,000
    It was almost one year ago that an Oliver elementary school won $25,000 in technology awards and since then they have put it to good use. SenPokChin School won the Staples Superpower your School contest and have purchased iPads for their classrooms and students. This has allowed them to do research, read books and other […]
  • Spirit North program celebrates at Okanagan nordic centre
    A second successful season of the Spirit North indigenous cross country ski program wrapped up this week at Nickel Plate Nordic Centre. Over 200 kids from West Kelowna to Oliver attended the four hours of fun and games, food and stories not to mention plenty of skiing and snowshoeing along the many kilometres of trails […]