From the Principal’s Desk

From the Principal’s Desk

Date: March 30,2021
Re: Special Update from the Deputy Minister

RE: Amendment to Provincial Health Order – Expansion of Non-Medical Mask Policy in Schools

To Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve and change as we learn more about how the virus spreads and how the new variants are affecting the infection rates within our province. As the pandemic evolves, our school’s health and safety protocols must also evolve to align with the provincial guidelines. As many of you are aware, the Dr. Bonnie Henry announced yesterday that public health guidance for schools has been amended to include students from grades 4 to 12 to wear masks while indoors at school effective immediately.

As you are aware, because of the smaller size of our school, we have broken the school into 2 pods – Pod A: Grade K4 to Grade 2 and Pod B: Grade 3 to Grade 7. Students in Pod B will be required to wear non-medical masks at all times while indoors. Students in Pod A are encouraged to wear masks but at this time are not required under the new safety guidelines. We understand that there will be some exemptions for specific situations and for individuals with unique circumstances. Please call the school to discuss any exemptions as we receive updated guidance from the BC Centre for Disease Control and Provincial Health and Safety Guidelines for K-12 students.

We appreciate your support as we navigate another inconvenience during this world pandemic. As a school we are working hard to meet the educational, emotional, and social needs of all our students while ensuring public safety to the best of our abilities.


Val Allen (SPC Head of School)