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Ms. Schlackl’s grade 5/6 class

Welcome back to the 2019/2020 school year! Students in Ms. Schlackl’s grade 5/6 class are getting adjusted back into their day to day classroom routines. Daily routines include starting the day off together with all the classes in the school for drumming and Okanagan prayer. Morning math routines include computational drills, number line work, place value, fraction chants, and practice with divisibility rules followed by JUMP workbook and ST. After recess, students are practicing spelling, handwriting, writing and reading. Everyday students practice the nqilxʷcn language and are currently learning about the cultural importance of salmon. Students discovered how to fillet and smoke salmon with help from a local community member. In the afternoons, we have inquiry and depending on the day either PE or fine arts. We end the day by cleaning up our classroom and taking everything home out of our locker.

In our unit of inquiry students are working on their communication skills and to be open-minded. Our central idea is media messages can influence our decisions. Our lines of inquiry are forms of media; stereotypes and identity; and that media shapes perspectives. Students are looking through the key concept lens of form, responsibility and perspective to create transdisciplinary understandings.

Every Friday students play math games to practice their math skills.

Grade 5 and 6 class

Grade 2, monthly update

Grade 2 arrived back at school from the summer break with big smiles and enthusiasm for learning.

They went on a field trip in a bus they designed, discovering new things about themselves and their classmates.

Mrs. Paolera’s Grade 1 class

The Grade One-derfuls created their Classroom Essential Agreement to establish classroom expectations and added their own learning super hero to demonstrate how they will be “Super Problem Solvers!”


Junior Kindergarten students found deer tracks while going on a bear hunt!


Grade 3 Class

Grade three students have been busy inquiring as we explore our current theme of “Who We Are”. Through storytelling, we are identifying both similarities and differences across cultures. Further how stories reflect cultural values and beliefs. Students recognize how our own culture, value, and beliefs help shape us. 

Grade 3 Class

Grade 4 Class

A few things the grade 4 class has been up to this last month:

Ms. Stelkia’s grade four class has been busy this month after getting settled into school with our unit of inquiry “who we are” where we explore different cultures through stories. Students have participated in harvesting and smoking ntytixw, morning drumming, and our SPC salmon feast. We are gearing up for the Terry Fox run and have been busy preparing in P.E. along with playing cooperative games and baseball. Our novel study “Wonder”, has us making a lot of connections and participating in group discussions about kindness, empathy, and friendships. We are looking forward to October and what fall has in store for us!