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Grade 5/6 students enjoyed the powder and sunshine at Mt. Baldy. Students are taking lessons and progressing their ski and snowboard skills.

Grade 2, monthly update

Grade 2 recently attended the Senpaq’cin Salmon Festival held in Okanagan Falls. The students listen to Tumma talk about the salmon and protocol’s, they sang songs and watched a captixʷ. Students then participated in returning the salmon to their ancestral river.

In the photograph, Stella Fogg from the Grade 2 class is returning parts of the salmon to the river.

Grade 1 class

The grade 1 class has been learning about the cause and effect relationship between geography and settlement; for example, how the environment affects where and how people make their homes and how people affect the environment when they built their home. As part of the unit students have been learning about traditional homes. They had a field trip to the Desert and Cultural Centre in Osoyoos to see both summer and winter homes, a tipi (ɬkʷam) and a pit house (qʷciʔ).

Grade 1 field trip


Junior Kindergarten students working collaboratively with grade 7 big buddies

November - Junior Kindergarten

Monday Music!

The students in the kindergarten room look forward to Monday Music with Maya. They have been learning about the rhythm and the beat of music as well as how to make create their own songs using lyrics. They are currently working on a song to do with our relationships, caring and friendship.


Thank you to nk’mip vineyard for generously sharing the harvest with our school community again this year. For 20 years, our kindergarten class has been going on this annual field trip to pick the table grapes. The children have so much fun being out in the fresh air and running up and down the beautiful vineyard rows!

Grade 3 Class

This week the Grade 3’s enjoyed presenting their original stories during our “Storytelling Festival”. As authors, they did an excellent job reading their stories to our audience of Grade 1’s and 2’s.  The displays they created helped their stories and ideas come to life.  Taking place on Halloween added to the excitement and enjoyment of the tales being shared. It was a fun way to share our learning and conclude our exploration of how storytelling explores the diversity of cultures.

Grade 4 Class

A few things the grade 4 class has been up to this last month:

Ms. Stelkia’s grade four class has been busy this month after getting settled into school with our unit of inquiry “who we are” where we explore different cultures through stories. Students have participated in harvesting and smoking ntytixw, morning drumming, and our SPC salmon feast. We are gearing up for the Terry Fox run and have been busy preparing in P.E. along with playing cooperative games and baseball. Our novel study “Wonder”, has us making a lot of connections and participating in group discussions about kindness, empathy, and friendships. We are looking forward to October and what fall has in store for us!