GEERING UP! Learning about how robots read code

UBCO Engineering robotics engineer demonstrating how the oxobots read code.

We made our own codes and the robots followed our instructions!


We explored the concepts of force, motion and friction from an indigenous lens.


Inuit Blanket Toss




Students explored different genres of the arts and connected their emotions to the arts.

Ribbon and scarf dancing

Jaxen the conductor

Mason the drum leader!

January – Top Cop Reading Program

As a class we read and tracked our reading minutes for the month of January. At the end of the month, we enjoyed reading books as a whole school in our pajamas. Thank you to Constable Walsh for providing us with this opportunity to rekindle our love of reading and Ms. Allen for the pizza lunch to celebrate all our hard work!

January Approaches to Learning Skills: Social Skills We practiced cooperation, decision making and turn taking through cooperative games.

January Learner Profile: Risk Taker

Ava trying a blood orange. MMMMM!!!!

Brayden was a risk-taker skating because he had never tried it before and was feeling nervous about falling.

Risk-Takers try new things and aren’t afraid to be their own super hero! They are willing to do the right thing even if it means you have to stand alone in your thinking.

January Learner Profile: Communicators

We can write and read the words!

We had so much fun picking grapes at nk’mip Vineyard. Thank you Colleen and Char for making this such a successful first field trip experience for us every year!

Gracie giggled the whole time picking grapes!

Jace at nk’mip Vineyard

Halloween Fun!

Our first unit of inquiry involved learning about how we communicate with others and that our behaviours have consequences. The class worked very hard practicing being caring and principled in the classroom, on the playground and in the community!

Mason and Creedence doing team work to build a hut together!

sp’iwcn learning how to use classroom strategies for sharing and problem solving.

The girls worked really hard COOPERATING the whole time! Look what positive communication can achieve!

Ruby Mae asking Araya, “Why do you think the block keeps falling down?”

Picking Indian Tea up in the Mountains

Indian Tea

Brayden Tanner with his big buddy Briant.

Mason was sure he heard a sasquatch!

Jaxen …what’s in your bag? And who are you picking it for?

Jace and Joanah are making a warm animal shelter for the winter.

Looking for signs of Fall at the outdoor classroom. We love scavenger hunts!