Grade 5 – 8

Sharing The Planet: Communities rely on natural resources



Recycling Program

How The World Works: Force and motion impacts performance

How We Express Ourselves: Actions occur when rights and freedoms are challenged

Skiing at Baldy

Who We Are: Human migration leads to changes within society.


The Stanley Cup came to visit us!!!!

Here’s us in our swanky new jerseys playing against Tuc El Nuit

Loonie Auction Fundraiser for New Basketball Jerseys

Christmas Basketball Game Against Outma

WE WON!!!! The team has been working really hard to improve their game. A HUGE thanks to the dedicated coaches; Marvin Louie, Michele Woitzik and Calle Baptiste

Secret Santa

Every year the senior class has a Secret Santa gift exchange. All the students look forward to giving their “secret Santa” a homemade or recycled gift. It’s always fun to see what they come up with!

Where We Are in Place and Time – December

Students investigated the science and art of healing. By exploring how the science of traditional knowledge and modern healing practices can compliment each other, students learned to ensure that all aspects of healing process is balanced – social, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

 Learning about 6 main body systems. Committed students completing their research.

 Creating body maps to highlight our individual spirits.

     Learning about the healing properties of tea. Of course Okanagan people know all about this! This tea is the best for curing colds and fevers. Students also learned to make a healing salve with bees wax, lavender, tea tree oil and coconut oil.


Investigating the timeline of modern medicine to see where we are in place and time regarding healing practices. Quite interesting.


The Sweat Lodge – December

Healing our body, mind and spirit – the traditional way


Where We are in Place and Time – November

Exploring the science and art of healing. Tuning in to our unit with the visual thinking strategy: Explain It Game.

Remembrance Day Ceremony – November

Tule Harvesting – November

Halloween – October

Reconciliation Rock project – October

Tea Picking – October


Salmon Feast Activities.

We went for a lovely hike after the Salmon Feast


Awards in September

 Sharing the Planet

Climate change affects communities around the world.

For this unit students “tuned in” by finding out exactly what climate is. Then they worked in groups to explore different climate types around the world. Each group presented their findings in a “carousel style”.

Impact of Climate Change on First Nation peoples in Canada

Students investigated how a changing climate can impact First Nations peoples’ traditional lands, culture and communities.


After learning how Climate Change can impact communities, students wanted to take action.

Moccasin Mile at Outma

The kids did great! Congratulations to everyone who participated and tried their best!

Grade 5/6 Self Portraits inspired by Picasso.

A visit to Burrowing Owl to see how they are reducing their carbon footprint through the use of Solar Energy. Each year they save 240 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere!

Perspective One Point with Chalk Pastels

Making water stills. A way to purify water in a pinch.

Building our alternative energy cars. No fossil fuels allowed!

How We Organize: Disasters force nations to take action