Grade 4

Welcome To A New Year of Grade 3 and 4 – 2018 & 2019

Welcome students …. kən limp p cʕayp sccmalaʔ

Kenai took first place at the Moccasin Mile at Outma with an outstanding time of 7 minutes and 20 seconds! Congratulations Kenai.

Guest Speaker Leon Louis came to answer student questions on the residential school experience. Students showcased their drumming skills by singing three songs for Leon.

Games are such a fun way to practice and learn math skills.

Students had a great time participating in the x̌ast spʔus (mini unity run) at Rattlesnake Point in Osoyoos. Thanks to the other band schools that joined our run – WFN and LSIB.

Look what we found! Is it male or female? How do you know…. (apparently you can tell by the color…)

The Salmon Feast in Okanagan Falls

We are inquirers… wondering how did this fish die?





Welcome to Grade 4 – 2017 and 2018

Our motto: “Wake Up. Be Awesome. Repeat!”



 Have a great summer fourth graders! See you in the fall:)

Year end field trip was a success and fun was had by all!


Grade 4s enjoy lacrosse and swimming lessons for the month of June.

Students participated in the Siya Festival in Westbank.


Grade 4s enjoyed learning that energy can be transformed by experimenting with circuit boards.

Keira and Kyle from UBC-O’s Geering Up came to our class to teach us about ozobots. Students enjoyed creating a code and maze for their robot to travel on.


Students love to learn and help in the garden.

We just are finishing up How We Express Ourselves Unit

Student learn from the land digging spitlem.

Students are currently learning in the unit How We Express. They are investigating the following lines of inquiry:

  • the arts are a way of connecting to other cultures
  • cultural celebrations are linked to seasonal changes
  • cultural celebrations help us experience a different way of knowing 
  • Students learned about the different historical art movements
  • Students created an abstract piece in the style of Jackson Pollock over top of their words they used to describe attributes of self-care

Students are in the “Going Further” stage of our unit of inquiry. They are currently researching their own questions in relation to our unit.

 How We Organize Unit of Inquiry

Art depicting First Contact  between Mowachaht Chief Maquinna and Captain James Cook. They did not have common language so they sung to each other.

Being risk takers engaging in trade via role-play using a common “trade language”.

A BIG shout out to all that participated in the Top Cop Reading Program organized by Constable Bradley Walsh.”Today a Reader, Tomorrow a  Leader.”

We are… thinking like scientists to understand the scientific method… while making slime!


Grade 4s showed their understanding of our current unit of inquiry by building 3-D models of the kwilstn (sweat lodge).

Students enjoyed working together to create their summative assessment.

Students created beautiful hot air balloon art and explained the solids, liquids and gases in their art.

Grade four students are working on the transdisciplinary theme – How the World Works to understand matter and that it can change phases. What is more fun than explosions in a bag?

Students are having so much fun learning to ski and/or snowboard at Mt. Baldy this January.

Learning through math games is so much fun!

Some beautiful art projects completed this month.


Each month we have a team STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) challenge – Decembers challenge was to build the tallest tree. Congratulations to Sapphire, Chayton and Joshua!

Grade fours were excited to participate in Secret Santa by making a homemade gift or recycling a toy.

Students learned about the importance of fire safety.

Congratulations to our winners of the Legion’s Remembrance day art contest!

Students enjoyed making gifts for the Elders lunch.

Today we finished our unit and took action by creating and giving away gifts for reconciliation at the unveiling event at the En’owkin Center to commemorate the Survivors of the Indian Residential school era.

Grade fours help prepare the Four Food Chiefs Feast for our annual feast today.

Grade 4 students just finished their summative assessments for the transdisciplinary unit of inquiry “Who We Are.” Students wrote about, and created a watercolor painting of a special place that has shaped or changed their identity. 

Math Games With Our Grade 1 Little Buddies 

Go Noodle Action Breaks

Tea Picking October, 2017


Happy Halloween!

Taking Action

Our 1st Unit of Inquiry is complete – Where We Are in Place and Time

Students take part in National Arbour Day at Lions Park


Reconciliation Starts With Us…

Salmon Feast 2017 in Okanagan Falls