Grade 1

A visit to the Outdoor Classroom to explore building shelters. (November 2017)

We looked at some shelters that were built last year to see how they had lasted.

We saw different supports and shapes that were used.





We found a structure that we could add to, to make our own shelter.

We gathered materials that were in our environment, sticks and branches, to make the roof.



We found some tule to add to the roof .

We discovered that building a shelter is a lot of work and takes a long time.


But it sure was a lot of fun!

Field Trip to the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre

(November 2017)

Students viewed traditional homes of the Okanagan People.


Tea Picking at Mt. Baldy (October 2017)

Rights and Responsibilities Unit of Inquiry

As part of our first unit of inquiry, students learned about rights and responsibilities at home, at school and in regards to taking care of the environment.

We clean our table spots

and tuck in our chairs.

We line up…

and walk in the halls.

We try our best…

and share with our friends.

We clean up our toys.

We wash our hands.

We help others.



We eat healthy foods

and put our garbage in the garbage can.


We wash our containers

and recycle.


Covert Farm Field Trip (October 2017)

Collecting eggs

Riding on the truck


Making muffins with our ingredients

Making whip cream and butter is hard work!

Moccasin Mile Obstacle Course at Outma School in Penticton (October 2017)


Grade 1 Reconciliation Art Project

Students used symbols and words to represent Indigenous identity and hopes for a futures that is inclusive of all peoples.